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French products in Japan and South Korea

We are happy to welcome you to your new online store Ker de France which will offer you carefully selected high-end and local products from France.

In this section, you will find later over the months articles or interviews about business leaders, craftsmen, chefs or passionate actors of the French "art de vivre" who will share their passion with you.

But first, we would like to introduce ourselves: 

Ker de France is a team based in Lorient in Brittany, composed of CEO Aranathie, and Gwénaëlle her collaborator, both passionate about Japan and South Korea.

Ker de France was created by Aranathie, who has more than 22 years of experience in the world of tourism, and who is also CEO of the Link Mundo Voyages travel agency.

Located in Brittany since 2017, the Agency offers trips to clients, whether alone, in groups or to companies travelling for seminars. Aranathie and her team also accompany clients on internally designed circuits, such as Polynesia and South Korea.

Aranathie told us about her passion for South Korea :

"South Korea is a passion. I like the history of this country and its population, to the point of making it one of the flagship destinations of the agency. I am also deeply attracted by Japan where I often travel. I must admit that between the two, my heart swings.

After a recognition trip, we have set up - with our Korean tour operators and a team of translators - individual and group circuits for trips in Brittany.

And in order to increase Breton people's interest for South Korea, we organized a great evening about our trip there in Lorient in May 2019 with the Tourist Office of South Korea in Paris and the presence of the honorary consul, Ms. Danielle Largelliere-Mareschal.

We are very familiar with this country thanks to our partners and are therefore on permanent alert, ready to deepen our knowledge to better serve our customers. »

Regarding Japan, Gwénaëlle tells us: "As a child, I was fascinated by a lot of things. But it is little by little that I came to understand that everything that I was passionate about belonged to one and the same country: Japan.

I went to there a few times. This pushed me to pursue my studies in order to specialize, both linguistically and culturally. This allowed me to carry out my professional projects in the country of the rising sun. »

They are supported by fabulous partners, like Charlotte who deals with translations with Gwénaëlle. Thomas of studio "Hello 3D" who realizes the animated 3D videos of the website. Jean-Pierre the lawyer who works in synergy with his Japanese and Korean confreres. French tourist offices who have the kindness to give us access to their videos...

The team of Community Managers based in Tokyo and Seoul who create the pretty posts on social media (Kerdefrancejp and Kerdefrancekr). And finally, the institutions that are Business France, Brittany International Trade, the CCI Japan, FKCCI Seoul and Link Mundo Voyages' partners.

All these people help make your experience at Ker de France, as pleasant as possible. It is with a high-quality requirement and sincerity that the team wants to make you discover the best France has to offer.

We hope you will be able to meet the team by subscribing to the newsletter and / or by following us on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook.

You can also contact us by mail at "" or send messages on our Line and Kakao Talk accounts.

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