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Landévennec Abbey

History of the Abbey of Landevennec

Founded at the turn of the 5th and 6th centuries, Landévennec Abbey is the oldest monastic foundation attested in Brittany.

Located a hundred meters below the "new" monastery built in the 1950s, the old abbey is today an archaeological site and a museum. Nearly 25 years of excavations have revealed 13 centuries of Breton history.

Landévennec Abbey - Ker de France

"It is an extremely pleasant place, exposed to the sun, inaccessible to all winds, except a little the east wind; Like a paradise beautifully turned towards the rising sun ... A garden decorated with flowers of all kinds of colors, where to harvest the fruits not only of the earth but again and above all from the sky "

Extract from the life of Saint Guénolé, 9th century


The museum

Near the site of the former abbey, the museum, whose collection received in 2017 the name "Museum of France", traces the history of the monastery from its foundation to the 18th century and even beyond.

To do this, he benefits from the considerable contribution of excavations on site since the late 1970s by Annie Bardel and Ronan Perennec under the aegis of the Department of Finistère, with the assistance of the State and the Brittany region . The remains of the old abbey are accessible to visitors.

Each year a temporary exhibition sheds new light on an aspect of the history of the abbey, the life of the monks and their entourage.
Activities to various audiences are scheduled during the season.

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