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Au Ver à Soie


"Au Ver à Soie, 200 years of history, from generation to generation


Au Ver à Soie is a two hundred year old French family business. Founded in 1820, it has grown thanks to the reputation of French silk, particularly in the field of Haute-couture.


All their silk yarns are natural, and come from the direct spinning of the fibers from the cocoon. It is the most brilliant silk that exists:

"Our silks have been made in France by our family for more than 200 years, from the best qualities of raw silk, which gives them a great shine as well as an incomparable softness and suppleness." declares the 5th generation Boucher family.

Unlike most of its competitors, it does not twist in the needle and has excellent resistance to abrasion and traction. Treated with the utmost care, this silk thread of a particular quality is considered as a reference thread in the activities of creation.

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french-silky-au-ver-a-soie-ker-de-france  french-silk-au-ver-a-soie-ker-de-france

Paris having always been a commercial town, any luxury goods that were not made in the capital did not benefit from any favor in the provinces. It is therefore natural that at its creation in 1820, under the name AU VER A SOIE®, the company established its offices in rue Saint-Denis.


In 1860, Au Ver à Soie® sells the SOIE D'ALGER® in a range of 2688 colors as well as sewing silks in a range of 780 colors.

Au Ver à Soie® works with fashion designers who are reviving the gothic style and who are trying to revive the techniques of liturgical embroidery in silk and gold, but also with the first fashion houses such as Charles Frédéric Worth's, which was very successful.

Despite two world wars, economic crises and a fire, thanks to its determination and its ability to adapt, Au Ver à Soie survived and even succeeded in becoming a reference in the silk industry.

These efforts pay off because the company has also received the prize of the RMC artisanal SME of the Paris Basin and is certified Living Heritage Company.


AU VER A SOIE® continues and will continue to spread its silk threads, precious Ariadne's threads that link centuries, civilizations and men."





  1. Before washing, make sure the dye is solid. Dip a small piece of silk in cold or warm water. Take a piece of white cotton cloth and place it on the silk. Then press with a hot iron. If there is a slight transfer of color to the white fabric other than a faint mark, do not wash the item.
  2. Never soak, boil or bleach the silk.
  3. Never try to remove stains yourself. Silk yarns (pastel colors only) can be hand washed in water at 35° C maximum using a mild product such as soap flakes or a suitable detergent. Rinse well several times using warm water at a moderate temperature each time.
  4. Roll the item in a clean towel to remove excess water. Never leave it in the towel or in damp conditions. Dry, if necessary, in a ventilated area away from the sun and any kind of aggressive heat until slightly and evenly damp.
  5. Then iron the silk on the reverse side with a moderate temperature iron without putting too much pressure on the seams. Do not use a steam iron and do not rewet the fabric. Finish with a light ironing on the right side.


N.B: Be very careful with dark colors (dark navy, dark brown, red, green or very bright purple...) They are obtained by adding dyes and despite the absorption power of silk, they can not be guaranteed "great dye".

The International Silk Labeling Group defines the hand washing symbol as being equivalent to a temperature of 30 to 40°C. In consideration of the delicate nature of silk, the Technology and Research Commission of the International Silk Association in Lyon specifies that the temperature should not exceed 35°C.


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