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Cider Mauret


The story of Mauret

MauretIt was the adventure of two northern and Norman thirties friends, Romain and Maxime, who embarked on the sparkling cider in 2016.
The "Norman" grandfather is a former Norman producer of cider apples. Thanks to his long -standing knowledge and friendships, they build up a network of small Norman producers.
Even if the old press truck has been exchanged for more modern devices, tradition remains at the heart of this story.


THEIR WILL : Take the cider out of its torpor by offering it more alcoholic, sparkling, French and rare thing 100% natural and/or organic!

In short, the concept of Anglo-Saxon ciders, without dilution and without all their additives and excipients. So good, that ciderExtra organic alias the "robust"was silver medal in the Cider World 2020 competition in Frankfurt in Germany.

Favoring reasoned, responsible and ethical agriculture, they only work with producers and farmers in the Hauts de France and Normandy regions.
The orchards are organic from France and not elsewhere!


Choose the Mauret cider

The "Cider Mauret"is a clever mix between five varieties of cider apples and a pear. And yes ... few people know it, but cider is not produced from apples that can be found in the trade.

Cider apples are much smaller and bitter in the mouth than other traditional apples. This is why, they had the good idea to add a pear to their mixture. She has the gift of bringing a little tangy side to this drink to make it even more refreshing and pleasant in the mouth.

And of course thanks to the very good quality of French fruits,The cider is 100% natural and without added sugar.

The composition of the Mauret ciders holds in a few words: 100% pure juice (neither concentrated, nor cut).

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Here are some ideas for recipes and cocktails based on your Mauret ciders


The Cidrit’o

Ingredients :

20 ml Monin Mojito Mint syrup
8 mint sheet (s)
4 song (x) lime
Complete with extra raw mauret cider

Preparation :

Pin branch - crushed ice
Crush the fruit (s), spice (s), grass (s) and the monin product (s) at the bottom of a glass.
Complete with crushed ice.
Complete with the Mauret cider
Mix and serve.

Decoration: Mint branch.


The cider joker

By the Joker Bar, in Lille, the best mixilogy bar in France

Ingredients :

45cl of whiskey
15cl of lime juice
30cl of Golden Apple syrup with cinnamon
70Cl de cider Mauret

Preparation :

Pour all the ingredients in a glass filled with crushed ice

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