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The charcuterie de la trape



Situated in the heart of the Normandy countryside in the Cotentin, the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Grâce de Briquebec, founded in 1824, is home to a community of some twenty cistercian monks. 
At the end of the 19th century, the abbey was the reason for the creation of cistercian foundations in Japan. 

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The name of the abbey comes from the feast of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation, patron saint of the parish feast of Bricquebec. The founders wanted to entrust the monastery to that which the Archangel Gabriel named full of grace.

Founded in 1990 by Father Marc, Cistercian monk of Bricquebec Abbey,
The "Charcuteries de la Trappe" and the "Cochon du Père Marc" perpetuate the secular traditions of the monks.

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Since the 12th century, Trappist Cistercian monks have continued to highlight our local products and the excellence of French gastronomy by keeping an ethical production centered around respect.

Discover wines, beers, cheeses, and cold meats!

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The "Charcuteries de la Trappe" whose terrines are high-end, are intended to be the continuity of the work of the monks.
Their eye for quality covers the entire chain, from animal selection to the finished product, and has made them a trustworthy brand for more than thirty years now.

Label Quality Father Marc - Ker de France

The label "Cochon du Père Marc" guarantees French label certified pigs, and applies a strict charter of quality and well-being of the animal, thus ensuring the excellence of meat and respect for the terroir.

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