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Tissage Moutet



The Moutet textile adventure began in 1874. Jean-Baptiste Moutet bought "Le bon coin" and created the novelty store "Au coin de la rue" in Orthez.
With the acquisition of 4 handlooms, Jean-Baptiste Moutet became a manufacturer in 1913.
In 1919, a Béarn household linen was born, inspired by the ox mantle, a thick fabric with a white background that protects animals from the sun and insects. The 7 stripes of this mantle symbolize the seven Basque provinces... hence the name "Basque linen".



A unique know-how 

Since 1919, Tissages Moutet has developed an exceptional know-how to weave Basque linen and jacquard linen in Orthez, in the Béarn region. Historically, Tissage Moutet weaves linen fabrics, with sets of bands of different colors and thicknesses.


The appearance of looms using a Jacquard mechanism marked the beginning of more complex patterns, a real technical and artistic revolution. It is through this technique, the use of cotton and the desire for innovation that Tissage Moutet specializes in colorful, original and high-end table linens.


The labels Atelier d'Art de France and Living Heritage Company mark and pay tribute to the quality work done at Moutet for 5 generations.




Weaver and publisher of talents



Today, Tissage Moutet weaves for designers, international museums and starred chefs.

Tissage Moutet has been inviting itself into our kitchens for a century already, from the simplest to the most exceptional... many great tables are now dressed by us.
And for the Chef Michel Guérard à Eugenie-les-Bains, three stars in the Michelin Guide, we went even further!

Read the article on the custom order, made by Tissage Moutet for the hotel:Relais & Châteaux Les Prés d'Eugénie - Maison Guérard OPEN FACTORY / MAISON GUÉRARD - LES NAPPES D'EUGÉNIE



"Since 1919, we have been weaving genuine Basque linen in Orthez, as well as a Jacquard collection in the colors of prestigious artists. Creation, dyeing, weaving, making... are entirely and exclusively made in Béarn, in the respect of the tradition and the social and environmental standards."



Would you like to visit the TISSAGE MOUTET factories ?
and its travel agency LINK MUNDO VOYAGES are at your service to help you prepare your visit with our Korean guides for the translation. And so, discover the MOUTET know-how, during a commented tour. Discover 100 years of weaving and follow all the steps of table linen manufacturing in its workshops. On your next trip to France, come and see them.


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All fabrics can be machine washed up to 60°, but we generally recommend a first wash at 30 or 40°. It may happen that some threads "bleed" a little in the first wash... Just wash again immediately and all the excess dye will disappear. This is why it is always preferable not to mix the colors and to let the linen soak one night in cold water with a little white vinegar.

Avoid mixing synthetic and natural fibers, as polyester can form lint that clings to natural fibers.

Drying - ironing:

It is recommended to take wet laundry out of the machine quickly to avoid wrinkling or deforming. Furthermore, it is always important to avoid excessive ironing, in particular the extraction of water by using strong pressure, as is customary in industrial laundries.

As the laundry is washed, it will form less wrinkles.


Coated fabrics:

It is recommended to wash coated fabrics with a sponge and Marseille soap after each use. Never use abrasive products such as bleach to wash them. Also, remember to bring coasters for wine bottles.

You can wash this kind of fabric twice a year maximum, using a 30°C program without spinning. They can be dried on a thread and ironed on the reverse side, which will reactivate the protective film.



How to maintain your "Para-Tapas" ? 

Please refer to the pictures on the left of this text.

Before washing / After washing

Cotton (untreated) always shrinks a little at the first wash!

Pull each side well, then iron on a hot iron... and ready for the next round!

As an indication, average dimensions observed 15x21 cm before washing. 14X19.5 cm after washing.



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